For Scorekeepers


Thank you for being willing to help with the important job of Scorekeeping. The Club is responsible for providing volunteer Scorekeepers to keep accurate and legible scoresheets for all Club events. You don't need any experience to be a Scorekeeper, you just need to be willing to learn a few rules and procedures.



A trap scoresheet is a document used to record the scores of each shooter in a trap shooting competition. The scoresheet will be provided by the Club. A typical scoresheet includes:

Scoring Marks

There are three possible marks to record on a scoresheet.


Scorekeepers submit their scoresheet to a scoring official after all shooters have completed both rounds.

Range Procedures

The Scorekeeper plays an important role in range procedures during a competition. Having a good understanding of the procedures is an important part of keeping score.


At the moment the shooter calls and until the target appears, the shooter must stand in the “READY” position including:


Upon a “START” command from the Scorekeeper, each shooter, in turn, will: 

A shooter may close the action only after the previous shooter has completed his/her turn. No shooter will turn from the shooting station before the shooter’s action is open and empty. Each shooter should begin his/her turn promptly after the last shooter has fired at a target and the result has been recorded. At the end of each round, the scorekeeper announces the scores for that round in firing order. 

Lost Target

A missed target must be declared “LOST” when: 

Disputed Call

In the event of a lost target dispute:

Refused Target

A shooter may refuse shooting at a released target if:

No Bird Target

A scorekeeper may declare a “NO BIRD” when: 

Even if the shooter has fired a shot, a “NO BIRD” allows the shooter to replay the shot without a penalty.

Moving Stations

After the first 5 shots are completed by the entire squad, each shooter will move to a new station by:

Stop/Cease Fire

When the command or the signal “STOP” or “CEASE FIRE” is given, shooting must stop immediately. 


Upon the completion of a round, the scorekeeper will declare “OUT”. Shooters will be notified of their scores, make their shotguns safe, and carry the gun in the approved manner and exit the station.